BMW E9X Install Instruktion. Plesse help me.

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BMW E9X Install Instruktion. Plesse help me.

Postby Over73 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:38 pm

Hello all,
I have carbarry boad and would like to install it on the BMW E91 bj.2005.

Me OBD have not H-can and L-can.

Pin1 = +12V
Pin4 = CGND
Pin5 = SGND
Pin7 = K-LINE
Pin9 = TD/RPM
Pin16 = +12V

How should i connect carbarry?
Plesse help, thx
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Re: BMW E9X Install Instruktion. Plesse help me.

Postby Over73 » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:54 pm

Support has written me e-mail. For which the can have no CAN.

If your car has the old KWP2000 system you can connect Carberry anyway.

You need before to upgrade Carberry firmware with the following procedure:

Enter home directory:

cd /home/pi/

Download the last version of reflash tool

curl -O -J

Untar the file:

tar -xvf reflash_1.0.tar

Build the tool:

cd /home/pi/reflash_1.0

gcc -o reflash reflash.c

Add execution rights to just built reflash tool:

sudo chmod +x /home/pi/reflash_1.0/reflash

Download the last upgrade file:

curl -O -J

Update Carberry firmware:

/home/pi/reflash/reflash Carberry_1.17.asc

You will see something like this:

pi@raspberrypi ~/reflash $ ./reflash Carberry_1.17.asc

Connecting Carberry Server...

Carberry Ready

Opening upgrade file...

Probing boot mode...

Entering Carberry in boot mode...Ok

Probing boot mode...Ok

Erasing flash...Ok

Writing... 100.0%

Starting Application...Ok


pi@raspberrypi ~/reflash $

That's all. Carberry will now reboot with new firmware.

After that you are able to communicate with KWP2000 protocol, you need to connect Carberry:

Carberry Red wire -> OBD Pin 16

Carberry Black wire -> OBD Pin 4 and Pin 5

Carberry Red/Green wire -> OBD Pin 7

After that from Console you need to:

· Initialize KWP communication (it must be done only the first time after that you turn on car key)
· Set Carberry KWP keepalive (in seconds)
· Make your info request, in this example RPM:

Please consider that KWP2000 is very very slow compared to CANBUS line, in fact KWP works at 10.4 KBaud/s and CANBUS at 500 KBaud/s. For this reason requests and replies are much slower and this will not allow the possibility to create a car dashboard like in this project: ... _Panel_20/

THX die Support.
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