Will The Carberry Do What I Want It To?

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Will The Carberry Do What I Want It To?

Postby C.Tremblay » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:47 am

Hi. Basically I have a highly modified 2011 GM Pickup, I believe it is based on the global A GMLAN infrastructure. What I am trying to find, is a solution to essentially create an alternative programmable control module.

For example:

The factory electric transfer case has been replaced with a manual cable shift transfer case. However the transfer case control module is now requesting a service 4wd system notification to the DIC. I can not unplug the TCCM because then I get a check engine code. What I want to do is replace the TCCM with my own module so I can trick the truck into thinking the TCCM is there and happy. Essentially I need to listen for module to module requests, pertaining to the TCCM, then I need to respond to them. There are many GMLAN libraries and information to start the hunt, however I will have to log and isolate data to find the missing parts I need.

This is my first objective, however should this work I have vastly more ambitious ideas, some of which are variations of well documented Carberry projects.

This will be a giant learning curb for me, however it is one I am happy to take. I just cant find a clear description of what the Carberry can and can not do, some things I read sound like it is capable of specific tasks only, others paint it more broadly (what I need). If this is capable of my needs than my next step is the learning curve. I am an HD mechanic so I understand the logic used in OEM systems, However at this time I only know basic C++. So I imagine some Python courses are in my future.

I think in the most basic idea I am asking if the carberry can act as a module within an OEM GMLAN network.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I sure hope this can do what I need. fingers crossed!
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Re: Will The Carberry Do What I Want It To?

Postby PAOLOPED » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:07 pm

With carberry you are free read and transmit raw CANBUS frames and manage them as you want. Python is not required cause Carberry daemon exposes a TCP socket on where you are able to send and receive data and commands. So you could use a programming language that you like.
Here you could find an example of how to read a canbus line: http://www.carberry.it/wiki/carberry/cm ... /user/open

thanks and best regards
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