Saturn Vue 2003 DLC interpretation

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Saturn Vue 2003 DLC interpretation

Postby Bogie63 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:49 pm


I'm considering purchasing a Carberry board. However before doing so, can you tell me if it will work with a 2003 Saturn Vue?

The protocols on the DLC are "Class 2 Serial Data" and "Keyword Serial Data". See attached PDF. I presume "Keyword Serial Data" on pin 7 is the K-Line for an ISO 14230 bus (what you call GMLAN?). Is that your interpretation? If so, will your Carberry board work on both buses?

Background: I'm doing some navigation experiments fusing car measurements with GPS data. The standard OBD2 speed PID is too coarse at +/- 1 km/h so I want to read off the transmission output speed. This is (apparently) available via a proprietary GM message PID 221941. I'd also like to read off ABS wheel speeds, steering angle, and so on as additional measurements. These may be available via other GM proprietary PIDs.


Screenshot from 2018-03-03 13-48-50.png
DLC on 2003 Saturn Vue
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Re: Saturn Vue 2003 DLC interpretation

Postby PAOLOPED » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:12 pm

Your car uses KWP2000 protocol and you can manage it using Carberry:
Anyway please pay attention cause this bus is very slow (10400 baud/sec) so you cannot read data at high frequency. For example RPM data read will always delayed than real RPM value, this is cause by slow protocol.
In new cars CANBUS protocol runs at 500K baud/sec.

thanks and best regards
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