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Raspberry Pi Interface joins toghether Carberry and Raspberry Pi.
Are present power supply lines and all signals needed to interface each other.


Connector view from Carberry side.
All signals, except from supply, are routed to Carberry MCU.


Position Kind Description
1 NC Not Connected
2 Supply Power Supply to Raspberry Pi
3 Signal Future use
4 Supply Power Supply to Raspberry Pi
5 Signal Future use
6 Supply Power Supply Ground
7 NC Not Connected
8 Signal Raspberry UART TXD
9 Signal Signal Ground
10 Signal Raspberry UART RXD
11 Signal Future use
12 Signal LIRC codes from Carberry MCU
13 Signal Shutdown signal from Carberry MCU
14 Signal Signal Ground
15 NC
16 NC
17 NC
18 NC
19 NC
20 Supply Power Supply Ground
21 NC
22 NC
23 NC
24 NC
25 Supply Power Supply Ground
26 NC