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 +====== Hardware Specifications ======
 +Here is a list of the major hardware features:
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​samesize|Same size printed circuit board as of Raspberry Pi, with proper shaping.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​header|Connection to Raspberry via the P1 26 pin GPIO header located on the board.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​microfit|22 pin Microfit connector for vehicle connection.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​mainpower|Power supply +12 V and GND from the vehicle.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​rpipower|Power supply 5V 1A for Rasperry Pi generated onboard by Carberry.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​ctrlpower|Control of the Raspberry Pi power supply by MOSFET, for the management of low consumption.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​shutdown|Logic shutdown signal to Raspberry Pi to perform a controlled shutdown.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​lowpower|Low power consumption compatible whit automotive standards (< 3mA).]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​communication|Communication to the Raspberry Pi via UART (Pin 15/16 of P1 header).]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​inginput|+12V Ignition signal input.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​ingoutput|+12V Ignition signal output with a 2.5A power mosfet.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​canbuses|Two CAN Bus lines for series or parallel connection at vehicle buses.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​gmlanbuses|Two GMLAN lines for series or parallel connection at vehicle buses.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​resistive|Two channels for resistive steering wheel controls, with single key bypass capability.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​extuart|One general purpose UART 5V/3V3.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​gpocout|Two general purpose 100mA open collector outputs.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​gpinput|Two general purpose inputs (to ground or 5V tolerant).]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​gpleds|Two general purpose user-programmable LEDs.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​picmicro|Microchip PIC32MX microcontroller.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​butled|Button and two-color LED for can bus profiles learning and reset functions.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​pwmlirc|PWM signal to Raspberry Pi for LIRC management.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​infraemul|Infrared remote control emulation for media centers via steering wheel controls.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​infrasen|Infrared sensor for 38KHz IR remote controls.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​infraled|Infrared LED for IR codes emission.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​mfichip|Ready to Apple MFI program to develop applications under Linux (coprocessor not provided).]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​rtccchip|RTCC to handle date and time with car battery backup.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​rtccwakeup|Raspberry Pi wakeup by RTCC at programmed date/​time.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​eeprom|External EEPROM with a unique identifier to be used for any licenses related to the card.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​anisotropic|Accelerometer + magnetometer,​ for anti-theft features, positioning,​ blackboxes.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​aniswakeup|Raspberry Pi wakeup by accelerometer and magnetometer events.]]
 +  * [[carberry:​hw_spec:​microusb|Microusb device connector for a stand-alone operation of the shield or future functionality.]]