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Carberry microcontroller firmware, can be upgraded due improvements and bugs solving by Carberry team.
Follow this guide to upgrade your Carberry.

Enter home directory:

cd /home/pi/

Download the last version of reflash tool

curl -O -J

Untar the file:

tar -xvf reflash_1.0.tar

Build the tool:

cd /home/pi/reflash_1.0
gcc -o reflash reflash.c

Add execution rights to just built reflash tool:

sudo chmod +x /home/pi/reflash_1.0/reflash

Download the last upgrade file:

curl -O -J

Update Carberry firmware:

/home/pi/reflash/reflash Carberry_1.12.asc

You will see something like this:

pi@raspberrypi ~/reflash $ ./reflash Carberry_1.12.asc
Connecting Carberry Server...
Carberry Ready
Opening upgrade file...
Probing boot mode...
Entering Carberry in boot mode...Ok
Probing boot mode...Ok
Erasing flash...Ok
Writing... 100.0%
Starting Application...Ok
pi@raspberrypi ~/reflash $

That's all. Carberry will now reboot with new firmware.