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 Download the last upgrade file: Download the last upgrade file:
-  curl -O -J http://​www.carberry.it/​down.php?​download_id=706+  curl -O -J http://​www.carberry.it/​down.php?​download_id=718
 Update Carberry firmware: Update Carberry firmware:
-  /​home/​pi/​reflash/​reflash Carberry_1.12.asc+  /​home/​pi/​reflash/​reflash Carberry_1.19.asc
 You will see something like this: You will see something like this:
-  pi@raspberrypi ~/reflash $ ./reflash Carberry_1.12.asc+  pi@raspberrypi ~/reflash $ ./reflash Carberry_1.19.asc
   Connecting Carberry Server...   Connecting Carberry Server...
   Carberry Ready   Carberry Ready