With OBD subsystem you can manage everything regarding CAN bus / K-line OBD messages for vehicle diagnostic. The OBD Subsystem was changed respect to early Carberry firwmare versions. New approach was added to allow greater degree of freedom in OBD queries.

Old legacy approach is deprecated for new project but continue to be supported for old projects compatiblity.

New approach:

All modes are supported
User is free to connect and use in user mode the preferred channel.

Legacy approach:

Only mode 01 and mode 22 are supported
To use OBD diagnostic feature with Carberry, you have to connect:
  * CAN#1 Carberry channel on vehicle services CAN bus.
  * CAN#2 Carberry channel on vehicle engine CAN bus.

From services CAN bus, Carberry recognizes the car and setup a profile.
From engine CAN bus, Carberry communicates for diagnstic data.

See connections pages for more info about OBD wiring.

Command Brief description
QUERY Query vehicle diagnostic values
legacy QUERY Legacy query vehicle diagnostic values