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Additional VW info like current gas consumption
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Author:  5ef6 [ Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Additional VW info like current gas consumption

I have a VW up! 2018 and with an OBD2 plug I am logging a lot of data, but data which I care about is not present there. For example which gear the car is in, the current+average gasoline consumption or if the break is getting pressed.

Some of this information (gear and consumption) is visible in the dashboard, so I know that at least this data is present on the bus.

My question is if with it is possible with carberry to also log this data?

Could it also be used to change the amount of times the direction indicator lights up when it is just touched instead of locked into position? I find the 4 times too low and would like to change that to 5 or 6.

Can it react to pushes on the buttons in the steering wheel?

I think the problem in general is that VW uses this TP2.0, does Carberry handle this?

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