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Purchasing help

Postby deannerene » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:14 pm

I am preparing to purchase my system. I already have RPi board and need to understand the parts I need to add to this. I have the Carberry board and case. I am wondering about the cables. Since my intention is to use this to display gauges and read diagnostics, which cables would be needed for this?

Also, has anyone used the Carberry system with a battery based mini UPS to keep the system powered between short periods of the car being off? I would like something like this to reduce startup time between stops.

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Re: Purchasing help

Postby PAOLOPED » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:44 am

you have to buy this cable: http://www.carberry.it/en/p/348/Carberr ... s_Harness/

You also can buy this cable to facilitate the connection, but this one is optional:
(obviously the first cable remains necessary!)

To remedy to the problem of the tuning off, is not necessary to add any UPS, you only have to connect Carberry following these connection indications:
• Positive +12V
• Negative (GND)
• Positive ignition

And to alterate the values about IGNITON TIMERS: http://www.carberry.it/wiki/carberry:cm ... ion:timers

In this way, you can decide after how much time Carberry must turn off and how much seconds set in order that the procedure of turning off is aborted.

Thanks and best regards.
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