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Postby ULF-001 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:21 am


I'm Chris, I'm an IT professional that likes to tinker. I just bought a '95 Ford Explorer that I plan to turn into my off-road/camping/hunting rig, but wanted to modernize the interface for a multitude of reasons. After looking at several R-Pi related projects, this seemed like the best fit.

The Plan (so far...)
Completely remove the stock (garbage) stereo and build everything into the space that remains. I know what the basic hardware that I will need to get this operating at the basic level. However, who want's to be a Basic-B****? I want to use it as an AM/FM radio, MP3/Media player, dash cam, backup/reverse cam w/ proximity sensor, GPS/Navigation with the ability to download offline maps for those deep woods adventures, and a dedicated OBD2 connection for troubleshooting and diagnostics as well as the ability to reprogram using FORScan.

I know, I'm always biting off overambitious projects. But if anyone has some resources or would like to offer themselves as a subject matter expert that I could hit up, that would be awesome! I will post this in the 'My Project' section once it actually becomes a project. For now, this is me and this is what I've got planned!

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