Sales terms and conditions

The client accepts the following sales agreement and all its terms and conditions. If, for any reason a different agreement has been stipulated between the client and Paser, the valid agreement will be the one stipulated in another location.

Important information about this legal contract

The following agreement constitutes a legal contract between the Customer and Paser. By making a purchase, placing an order or making any other type of acquisition through this Website, the customer agrees to automatically accepts this sales agreement. When we refer to 'You' we are referring to the Customer, with 'Paser' we are referring to Paser Srl and its affiliates. This sales agreement terms and conditions are subject to change without notice; terms and agreements deemed valid are those which are displayed at the moment in which the customer places an order.

Valid Law

This agreement and all sales are subject to Italian laws, regardless of legislative conflicts. The customer therefore is subject to Italian jurisdiction.

Terms of payments

There are two accepted payment terms at the moment:

Payments made by wire transfer must include all bank expenses, otherwise the merchandise will be withheld until the amount is entirely paid.

Damaging or Miscarriage

Damaging or miscarriage of merchandise during the transport is at the purchaser own risk, Paser denies any liability.

Prices and exoneration clause on the information contained in the website.

All prices are subject to modification. Paser reserves the right to make changes in prices, products and offers based on the changing conditions of the market, to the lack of availability of products, to price changes imposed by producers and to errors in advertising messages or other similar circumstances.

Although Paser tries to keep the information on its website constantly updated, no guarantees are given about the website accuracy. Paser disclaims all responsibility for any error or omission into this website contents.

Transported Merchandise

Transport charges may vary according to the order, please consult the 'Shipping and Deliveries' page for more information about prices.

International Shipping

Shipping abroad may be subject to import tax (various duties) will be charged to the recipient. In the case of failure on merchandise delivery and/or no acceptance, the order amount will not be refunded and the goods will follow the political stock of the courier.

Restitution of merchandise

Credit Cards

The amount paid by credit card will be charged when you confirm the merchandise purchase. Paser does not add additional fees for credit card payments.

Purchases made by credit card cannot be cancelled except in special cases (technical problems). In these cases, Paser reserves the right to choose the means of reimbursement.

Purchases Greater than 5 pieces

For purchases over 5 pieces it is possible to place an order by e-mail to: The order will be defined and confirmed with a pro-forma invoice.