Attention! This is demo projects and is not supposed to be a ready solution. It has only testing purposal to understand Carberry possibities. Any improvement or additional feature must be added editing your own application code.


Based on original project Car Multimedia Center Carberry+RaspBMC, we developed a newer version of this project in order to work with the new firmware version of Carberry.

Differences between previous version:

  • based on Raspbian Jessie distribution
  • compatible with Raspberry Pi 2
  • new Kodi version

How we did this:

Step 1: Prepare the operating system

We need to start from Carbian Jessie or configuring a ready image of Raspbian following this guide:

Step 2: Install Kodi

Kodi could be installed easily following these commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install kodi

Once Kodi is installed we need to setup it in order to run at startup:
sudo nano /etc/default/kodi

and set:

# Set this to 1 to enable startup

Step 3: activate XBMC JSON-RPC

To allow the remote control of Kodi we opted for the use of JSON-RPC controls through socket. To enable this function it is sufficient to activate the remote control capability in the Kodi setting. Kodi on start will open a socket on port 9090 that allows to send the commands. To send the commands we wrote an application (Carbmc) that reads the steering wheel commands through the Carberry daemon and send the command to socket opened by Kodi.

Step 4: Install Carbmc JSON application

Download Carbmc Remote Control Application:
cd /home/pi
curl -O -J

Untar the file:
tar -xvf "Carbmc - Remote Control Application.tar"

Build the application
cd /home/pi/sw_remote
gcc -o carbmc carbmc.c

Add execution rights
sudo chmod +x /home/pi/sw_remote/carbmc

Add autorun execution at startup
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Add /home/pi/sw_remote/carbmc& before exit 0

The source of this application could be found here: Carbmc - Remote Control Application

Available functions for this car are the following:

  • Seek - (short): Left
  • Seek + (short): Right
  • Seek - (long): Up
  • Seek + (long): Down
  • OK (short): Enter/Show OSD Menu
  • OK (long): Back
  • OK (2 times short): Toggle Fullscreen Mode

Step 5: Connect to the car

Those connections are required:


Live Demo