Here a list of Carberry commands.

General Commands

Command Brief description
AT To test communication channel
ECHO To change terminal echo behavior

Subsystems Commands

Command Brief description
CAN CAN bus related commands
OBD OBD diagnostic related commands
SWC Steering wheel control related commands
RESISTIVEResistive steering wheel control setup related commands
IGNITION Ignition related commands
GPIO General Purpose Input/Output related commands
GPLED General Purpose LEDs related commands
EEPROM EEPROM management related commands
RTCC Real time clock calendar management
SRAM Static RAM management related commands
UART External UART send/receive functions
USB USB device management
MEMS Magnetometer and Accelerometer management
INFRARED Infrared sensor and emitter management
LIN LIN bus related commands
KWP K-line related commands (starting from firmware v.1.17)

Reflash Commands

These commands are used to put Carberry in reflash mode, to upgrade firmware.

Command Brief description
VERSION To know current version of application
RESTORE To restore EEPROM factory settings
REFLASH To switch in boot mode for reflash Carberry
REBOOT To reboot Carberry

Bootloader Commands

These commands can be received from bootloader firmware in Carberry, immediately after a reset, during the reflash procedure.

Command Brief description
AT To test communication channel
BOOT To know if Carberry is in boot (not application) context
REBOOT To reboot Carberry
START To exit from boot context and pass to application
ERASE To erase application flash sectors
WRITE To write application flash sectors