With Interface Interface, you can connect to Carberry an infrared sensor and/or an infrared emitter, to work with remote controls and appliances.


Connector wiring from Carberry side.
All signals, except from supply, are routed to Carberry MCU.


Position Kind Description
1 Supply +12V from main connector (connect to emitter anode)
2 Signal Infrared modulated output (connect to emitter katode)
3 Signal Infrared demodulated input (from sensor)
4 Signal +3V3 General Purpose I/O
5 Supply Power/Signal Ground
6 Supply Sensor Power Supply

External Devices

To operate with infrared interface, you need of:

Infrared Sensor

To receive codes from standard infrared remote controls, to drive mediacenter applications like XBMC.
An infrared sensor like TSOP4838 can be used.

Infrared Emitter

To transmit codes to drive appliances like radios, RGB leds, DVD players, TV tuners, and so on.
An infrared diode like TSFF5210 can be used.


Connector fitted on Carberry is an AMP MODU II serie header, with 6 pins.
Mating connector partnumber is 280360-0.


If you prefer to use an “off-the-shelf” harness for infrared functionality, consider to use this Plug&PLay Infrared Harness.